“The Decipha team has assessed a Year 3 pupil at St. Columba’s P.S. who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Last November Celine Barry visited our school to train his classroom assistant, Margaret and his mother in how to implement the Decipha Reading and Literacy programme. I observed at first hand Margaret working with our pupil and I was very impressed with his enthusiasm for and engagement in the programme. It transported him on exciting adventures around the world.

When he was re-assessed in June by Celine, seven months after he had commenced the programme, he had made excellent progress in his reading and his skills in blending and segmenting were developing well. His self-esteem has greatly improved and he has a much more positive attitude to school.

As principal and SENCo, I feel that the Decipha Reading programme has the capacity to not only help children with DMD but also to make a difference in the life of any child who has learning difficulties in literacy. Having witnessed the difference that it has made, I now intend to purchase the licence to implement the programme with targeted pupils in our school with literacy difficulties and working memory problems. Collette Maguire Principal St Columba’s Primary School Clady”